✓ Fought against the original Atlantic lane closure plan and motioned to remove temporary delineators ASAP

✓ Fixing Pompano’s homeless issue

  • Invested in security points of contact for our corridor businesses and restaurants to address vagrancy to keep our small businesses flourishing and our residents and visitors coming back 
  • Launched the Peer Counselor Program for individuals displaced from rehab, by providing outreach for placement into facilities, that assist to reconnect them with families and get them off the streets 
  • Worked with Broward Sheriff’s Office on vagrancy and rapid rehousing programs 
  • Initiating a Community Court, a program that treats offenders humanely and breaks the cycle of arrest and release through the use of hand ups, not handouts
  • Created full-time COREteam Deputies (Community Outreach Response Enforcement) that provide additional support to our road deputies and links the homeless to assistance programs.

✓ Fought to keep businesses and public events open and safe during Covid

  • During Covid-19, I was the lone voice on the Commission fighting to keep our Green Market open for our vendors and residents looking for a safe outdoor venue
  • I worked with our state and county leaders to keep our marinas and boat fueling stations open
  • Countless Feeding America food giveaways for residents who had lost their jobs during the lockdowns
  • Opened up testing and vaccination sites in coordination with our state and county 

✓ Keeping re-development growth smart and stable

  • Maintaining high-quality government services as progress continues
  • Reducing permit costs and wait times to make building more efficient and affordable, which makes housing more affordable 
  • Smart re-development in our city has allowed Pompano Beach to maintain some of the lowest property taxes in the county while at the same time improving our community and eliminating the stigma of economic blight that affected us since the 1980s.

✓ Keeping our public safety and law enforcement my top priority

  • Added more law enforcement officers city-wide – the most on duty in Pompano in 10 years 
  • Improved call reaction time in those critical moments when we need help
  • Implemented the state-of-the-art Real Time Crime Center
  • Championed the ShotSpotter system that pinpoints the discharge of firearms in our city
  • We have added an additional fire station to our award-winning fire department
  • Established a new fire academy to provide first-class training while saving taxpayer dollars 
  • Working to keep our neighborhoods safe and clean by regulating sober homes and short-term “party house” rentals