Tom McMahon was elected to the City Commission in November 2018 to serve as commissioner of District three. Mr. McMahon was born and raised in Pompano Beach and was part of the first graduating class of Pompano Beach High School as a magnet high school in 2001.

Commissioner McMahon has a passion for helping others and has served on a number of boards. Tom is past president of the Pompano Beach Historical Society, sat on the Pompano Beach Preservation Board and is currently serving on the board of directors as vice president of Woodhouse, a co-ed residential facility for adults with intellectual disabilities coupled with extreme medical or behavior challenges.

A personal charity close to Tom’s heart is the McMahon Family Mix and Mingle Fundraiser. The monthly fundraisers are held at a family home and have raised over $100,000 for 58 small local non-profit organizations throughout our community.

Professionally, Mr. McMahon owns and operates Power & Play Motorsports, a family business located in Pompano Beach which he has owned and operated since 2005.

Personally, Tom he can often be found with his nieces and nephews and participating in community events around town.